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Never Register the Day Of

You should absolutely never register for a networking event on the day of the event.

The one and only exception to this rule is of course if you are just discovering or finding out about the event on the day that it is being hosted; that is something that can rarely be controlled.

Far too often people tend to view networking events as something to participate in “if there’s time” or “if I’m not busy that day” but that is entirely the wrong approach.

Should you be aware of a networking event that is happening ahead of time I would strongly suggest that you evaluate the event and decide if it is an event that you would like to attend. Is the event (in-person or online) one that speaks to you? Have you been to this organizer’s events before? Do you see value in attending the event? Are you looking to make new contacts and connections? These are just some of the questions to ask yourself when evaluating a potential networking event.

Registering for a networking event is no different than making time for sales. Being the lifeblood of a business, sales is something that every business needs and will continue to need. Planning to attend a networking event in advance is simply saying to yourself (and your business) that you are making the proper efforts to grow and/or sustain the business. And it doesn’t matter if that networking event is one week away, one moth away, or more. Planning ahead is just simply good business.

But what if I get busy? Sure, it’s possible that something may come up that is absolutely imperative and that you need to drop everything for to deal with.

It all comes down to priorities. If networking and growing your business is something that is important to you, you’ll set aside that time and plan around it. But what if a client wants to set up a meeting? Plan around it. What if a prospect wants me to do a presentation? Plan around it. Things will almost always arise but it’s the consistency in planning for sales and i.e. networking that will provide stability and growth moving forward.

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